A Front Porch Summer

Sometimes you need a real incentive to begin a task. My latest incentive involves a small iron table and four chairs that fit perfectly on my front porch. Picked up at a garage sale, the royal blue just needed two cans of spray paint (Lowe’s carries the perfect color–Sea Glass.)   New fabric and padding attached with trusty staple gun and it’s going to look great. Once I paint the porch.

I really don’t have any excuse not to work on that porch. Last summer, it was at the bottom of the priority list, but we did rip out the old carpeting. Yesterday I started scrubbing away years of grime and took down the ancient green plastic shades. It’s already looking brighter and cleaner.

The goal? To sit at my little table, drink my latte and read the paper.


2 Responses to A Front Porch Summer

  1. laura says:

    I love the before and after shots! You’re getting close to drinking that latte:)

  2. jenn says:

    the porch really is going to look amazing. can i sip a latte there too?

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