Hot Summer in the City

I just got back from a whirlwind trip down to the big apple with one of my oldest and dearest friends. We took the train in from Poughkeepsie and proceeded to eat our way through downtown. In the past I’ve stayed in midtown and gotten stressed out from the pace, the people, the traffic, and the pollution. But this trip was different.

We stayed at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Tribeca–very clean and very close to a lot of things. They do have the world’s smallest bathroom, but we made do just fine. Here’s a rundown of the hightlights: dinner at Red Bamboo (delicious spring rolls and vegan dumplings) one night and Caravan of Dreams the next. (I’m fascinated by raw food and my friend’s gone vegan, so that might explain the restaurant choices).

Tired of having to choose between chocolate and almond croissants? For a stroke of pure genius, try the chocolate almond croissant at Bouley’s, then try the #9 at Hampton Chutney and prepare to blow your mind with spice. Which you can then cool off with iced coffee and a spelt chocolate cupcake from Babycakes.

On Saturday we headed to Brooklyn for the indie craft show-the Renegade Craft Fair–but first checked out the famous Greenmarket at Union Square and loved it.


One Response to Hot Summer in the City

  1. jenn says:

    you pics on this blog are really looking amazing. i love the pics of the peonies too.

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