Let there be light!

One of the first things I did when I moved in to my house last summer was to take down the ugly dining room light fixture. I hauled that thing to the curb without a second thought and then spent a year eating in the dark. I’ve learned a lot of things this past year, but perhaps one of the most important lessons is that sometimes it’s okay to live with something that isn’t perfect. In fact, sometimes living with it can be better than living without it.

But then Joe came along. And for $50 bucks he connected my repainted found dining room light. And it was good.

I can only hope that my discarded old light fixture looks this nice in its new home.


2 Responses to Let there be light!

  1. sheri doyle says:

    i really enjoy your blog which i just found today while searching for a format to start journaling our experience in my local city magazine. you have a really great attitude, i hope i can sustain your sense of humor while we make our way through our old house.

  2. Stoon says:

    Now we’ll be able to visualize and appreciate your beautiful culinary creations as we savor them.
    It’s beautiful.

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