Making jam

Every June I go strawberry picking with my mom.  We wear our sneakers for traction while crouching amongst the dusty straw-packed rows and baseball hats to endure the mid-morning sun.  This year we were later than usual and had to look hard for the perfect berries.  In an hour we’d picked almost 3 flats of strawberries and headed back home for the best part—making jam!  Freezer jam is quick, easy, and with the secret addition of a bit of lime zest,  incredibly tasty.   It’s a little bit of summer for those winter mornings to come.

4 Responses to Making jam

  1. laura says:

    What color!! I love those annual rituals that signal the time of year and our continual “putting by” of seasonal produce. Enjoy the jam!

  2. laura says:

    BTW, I spoke with some friends who picked a day or two after we were there and they said the berries were plentiful, so we were in the wrong rows, I think. Lucky the jam didn’t suffer!

  3. Stoonie says:

    Looks fabulous!
    I’m inspired to put up a few pints of jam from my own bumper crop of garden berries. Right now they’re all going into the freezer hulled and whole for midwinter smoothies and crisps.

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