Gutter Work

I may have just discovered one of the worst jobs ever—cleaning the gutters.  In my mind, I thought all I needed to do was climb a ladder and hose them out. Nope. The combination of a too-short ladder and the amount of refuse from my neighbors’ trees (leaves, nuggets, seeds, twigs) meant that I ended up on the porch roof pulling the crap out with my hands. I filled up two buckets worth. Good times.

Meanwhile, I had to keep climbing down the ladder or out the bedroom window to run and check on the almond crust I was baking. I was so flummoxed by the whole gutter situation that I forgot to add the flour  and ended up with a buttery oven mess. Second time around seems to be working. What a multi-task day–from rooftop crouching to baking a Martha Stewart raspberry tart.


4 Responses to Gutter Work

  1. min hus says:

    Yup, cleaning the gutters does suck. It’s the one time I’m glad I only have a one-story home. I feel kinda handy when I do it, but being up on the ladder makes me a little lightheaded too. Each time I imagine myself falling backwards off onto my asphalt driveway. I also get this uncanny feeling that the neighbors are watching me out the windows because they get that exact same feeling that injury is imminent.

    The only thing worse than cleaning gutters, is cleaning a gutter that is so stopped up it’s full of water, warm smelly water and gutter junk. Ewwwww.

  2. housegirrl says:

    Exactly! I had the feeling that my neighbors were watching me teeter on that ladder and getting ready to call 911 when I fell to the ground:)

  3. laura says:

    But doesn’t that make for a wonderful contrast–the yucky gutters and diving into that delicious almond tart (second time around, albeit)? I think you’ve got the secret to surviving the not-so-wonderful part of home-owning:)

  4. minhus says:

    I’m not sure some of my neighbors would call 911 if they saw me fall. The jerks across the street would probably point and laugh. And maybe steal my ladder.

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