Bathroom blues

I’m about to embark on a new relationship with a recommended handyman.  He came over yesterday to check out the upstairs bathroom. In terms of labor and supplies, I think it’s on the light side of jobs. What do I want? White wainscoating on the lower half and help putting up/in a new medicine cabinet, wall lights, and towel rack.

Oh, and I also wanted him to give me an estimate on either 1) ripping up the linoleum to get to the original tile or 2) on putting in a new tile floor.  His response to #1 was: Yeah, I wouldn’t want to do that…but you could.  His second suggestion was to just put new linoleum over it and call it a day.  So while waiting to hear about his estimate, I decided to see what I could do on a rainy day.

I knew there was the original tile because last summer we’d cut away a section of flooring. I just didn’t know what shape it was in and pretty much everyone from the plumber to the electrician told me not to bother with it.  After six hours on my knees with a metal scraper, I’m beginning to think they were right. Sometimes you got to do it the hard way.


6 Responses to Bathroom blues

  1. Di says:

    Ooooh! It’s awesome that you have the original tiles hidden under there. I hope they’re in good enough shape to keep!

  2. laura says:

    It looks like you’ve done the lion’s share of the job already, scraping off the linoleum to expose the grand ol’ tile. Maybe a good solvent (to deal with linoleum adhesive) would be a good partner around now? You go girl!

  3. "Eve" says:

    Wow!! What a treasure! I just love that tile! In updating/restoring a home, it is so important to leave the originals in place. It adds so much more value to the house. Your knees and back have paid the price for uncovering that gorgeous tile. Well worth the investment! It would have been easier to simply lay down new linoleum, but just look at the fruits of your labor!

  4. jenn says:

    i feel your pain. we got the carpet out of the living room yesterday. hooray! but we still don’t know what to do about our kitchen floor. that scraping looks like A LOT of back-breaking work. and i’d like to hear more about this “recommended handyman.”

  5. retepsnave says:

    ugh, that was a lot of work!!
    it was such a horrid shame that someone covered over that great old tile floor. those old floors are usually pretty indestructible. (I know having had to bash out a few myself).
    maybe the solvent idea will work? if not new tile can be put directly over top with thin-set and then you’ll have a great looking floor!
    good luck!

  6. Jason says:

    Wow – fingers crossed here that you’ll be able to salvage the old hexagon tile. Looking forward to an update!

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