The first coat is the hardest

Turning 38 this summer has ushered in my own Year of Completion. This year I promise to finish things that I start, be thorough about staying on task with projects, and commit to following through. I’m all about bringing things to fruition. This, anyway, is the lofty goal.

As one of the first steps in my year-long mission, I’ve stuck with painting the front porch. I’m buoyed up by the final vision I have and so I’ve been gritting my teeth and getting shit done. I want to drink a latte on that porch while it’s still summer, dammit! Ceiling fan? Painted and reassembled. The light even works, but the fan doesn’t. I’m not going to sweat that though. Two coats of white on all woodwork? Done. Right now I’m waiting for the first coat of gray porch paint to dry and then…ONE MORE COAT. I even painted the kelly green window mullions and it makes a HUGE difference.

Think white lights, sisal rug, lots of plants, and evening suppers spent listening to the sounds of crickets chirping and the neighborhood kids beating each other up.

Life is good.


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