Introducing Daisy!

Besides the usual reasons for buying a house (like equity and shelter), one of my top reasons to get a house was to have room for a dog. After months of searching at Homeward Bound rescue, I found her. Or rather, she found me. Yesterday I drove to Niskayuna to check out a new litter of Golden retriever pups just up from Georgia, but no sooner had I walked into the kitchen than Daisy glommed on to me. She was my constant companion and the friendliest dog in the bunch. She’s six months old, mostly Black Lab and something else, but all cuteness.

Welcome to your forever home, Daisy! And one of us even slept through the night without a whimper.


6 Responses to Introducing Daisy!

  1. Stoon says:

    Congratulations Momma!
    Daisy is beautiful…I cannot wait to meet her!

  2. Nicole says:

    Aw, what a sweetie! Congratulations!
    At our house, we always say a house isn’t a home without a dog … 🙂

  3. laura says:

    What a sweetheart! She’s adorable!! How lucky that you found each other:)

  4. Randi says:

    Brady is waiting (picture extreme tail wagging) to meet her!!!!!!!

    Such old soul eyes.

    Congrats M! How are you sleeping????? 🙂

  5. "Eve" says:

    Blog meets dog!!! So happy for you! What beautiful and gentle eyes.

    Make sure she has plenty to chew on!!!

  6. retepsnave says:

    soo cute!
    congratulations mama!

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