Learning to stretch

Is it me or does it feel like just when you’ve got your groove figured out, just when you’re in some kind of organic flow with life’s energy, you get thrown a cuve ball?

Pretty much everything around here came to a halt this week as Daisy and I learn how to manage her broken toe and bandaged metal splint. They sent her home from the vet’s on Thursday after a day of anasthesia and morphine. In the morning she hopped in on her three good legs, tail wagging, her favorite toy “Squeak” proudly in her mouth. She happily followed the vet tech in and didn’t even glance back.

When I picked her up later that afternoon, she was drooling, goopy-eyed, disoriented, and afraid of her bandaged hind leg. To make matters worse, they’d put on one of those ridiculous plastic elizabethan collers around her neck. it was the size of a large lampshade and kept getting caught on the ground. It was painful to watch.

Fast-forward 24 hours: Momma removed that f-ing lampshade, taught Daisy not to even think about licking her leg (I put a fuzzy fleece sock over the whole thing), the drugs are out of her system, and my girl’s back in the business of her usual sweet lovin’ self. We’re even learning how to heel using the gentle leader harness sysetm. I’d say we’re making great progress on all fronts. Yesterday I took her to school with me and she did beautifully. I even managed to crate her for an hour and go for a run.

It took me a number of years to learn how to live alone , but by now I’m fully comfortable and happy in my own routine. And then along came Daisy.  My challenge now is learning how to make room for others and my sweet girl’s already teaching me how one hobbled step at a time.


One Response to Learning to stretch

  1. Fifi says:

    I LOVE the Gentle leader system! I finally broke down and got one for my big girl, and no more pulling me for walks, she actually walks with me! It’s good that you are starting Daisy with it so early. I wish I had it when Phoebe was a pup instead of a middle aged woman!!!

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