A Dog’s World

I’ve walked the streets of my neighborhood for over a year, but now I’m seeing them in a new way through the eyes–or nose–of a dog. And sure, I’d met some folks before I got Daisy, but since I got her we’ve been introduced into a whole new world. She’s famous!  Everyone wants to know what she did to her leg (“Did he have ACL surgery?” “What happened to his leg?!”) and everyone wants to stop and pet her. Which is great.  She’s adapted to the big splint and has even figured out a way to stand on it for extra height (which is a bit of a problem since we’re working on her “sit.”) The other day on Main Street an elderly woman called out from her upstairs window “Hello Daisy!”  I’m telling you, it’s a dog’s life.

And everything about the house has taken a back burner. Today we’ll mow the lawn and do some yardwork. I’ve got a new Nyla bone for Daisy to try and she’s good on her 15 foot cable.  Momma’s learning. Now, if I could actually get some work done, we’d be set…


One Response to A Dog’s World

  1. laura says:

    You ARE getting work done–very important work! You’re laying the foundation for your rhythms together–how wonderful!

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