It’s a full on workin’ Sunday–complete with official letter writing (for tenure), 3 loads of laundry, and cleaning-out-the-fridge meals. None of this bodes well for Daisy, who is outside on her tethered cable as I write. She’s contemplating grass blades, neighbor kids on trikes, and has pretty much decimated the sorry remains of my tomatoes. They didn’t yield tremendous results, so I suppose it’s easier to relinquish them. But damnit, I’m still fighting the good fight to keep her digging paws out of my perennial bed.

It’s hard to juggle dog care with all the other demands, but she’s got to learn to keep herself busy. So far, so good. A little bit of freeze-dried liver stuffed into the cavity of a Kong doesn’t hurt.  Life will definitely get more exciting when we go to our pre-arranged playdate with Winston, the white Terrier who lives behind us. Until that happens, the best part of her day was discovering a dead mole under the pine tree. Funny how we don’t share the same idea of a good time.


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