Contractor Pick-Up

The first time I visited my local Home Depot I was impressed by its size and the many services it offered. I was with my parents, who were visiting me, when I pointed out the whole section of the store dedicated to Contractor Pick-Up.  “How cool is that?” I said. ” You can get your tools and materials and then choose a contractor to do it all for you.”

Needless to say, there was first silence and then a lot of ridicule and laughter directed at me.

In my mind I’d imagined a slew of guys with leather tool belts slung around their Carharrt-clad hips standing in a line while they waited to be chosen. Like, you know, a taxi line-up.

And you know something? I still think it would be a great service to offer. Think about it–it would eliminate the constant search for a good and reliable contractor/painter/plumber/carpenter. It would be a great opportunity to compare prices, work schedules, and references. And it would mean you really could get started on the project as soon as you got home! It’s a perfect one-stop-shop situation.

But no. Now I’m working with three different guys on three different projects and they’re all pending. Where are they? When are they coming? When are they finishing? Hello?


One Response to Contractor Pick-Up

  1. "Eve" says:

    You may want to suggest that to them!! I think that’s the best idea I’ve heard in a long time!! Of course, it took a woman to think of it!

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