I stayed in bed this morning as long as possible because I dreaded what I had to do. After a visit from a rotor rooter man yesterday, my sump trap was at least working. But he had left me with instructions to “let the pump dry out” and then “dig up all that paper.” I was, like, um, okay.

First of all, letting your house sump dry out is not an easy thing to do and made me realize all that I don’t know about pipes and water. So I refrained from flushing and using the washing machine. But what about the tap water in the bathroom? It got late and it got confusing, so I turned on the dehumidifier and called it a night.

This morning, I had to fortify myself with multiple cups of Italian Roast before I could face the task of shoveling. I wanted a surgical mask and HazMat suit, but all I could find were some rubber gloves. I grabbed my metal gardening shovel (easy to bleach afterward) and a trash bag and went to work.

Let’s just say I can think of better ways to spend a Saturday morning.

And seriously, I wanted to ask that man what I paid him $140 dollars for. The one good thing to come out of all this is a new brand of TP–Scotts–because it breaks down more easily and won’t clog traps. Plus, it’s cheap. Say good bye to Cottonelle and hello to macho-wipe.


3 Responses to Crap

  1. laura says:

    So is that toilet paper I liked so much at your house a bad thing? So this sump pump thing is all about too much toilet paper in the pipe? My God, what’s this world coming to?
    Not much room for luxuries these days, I guess.

  2. housegirrl says:

    I’m not sure what the culprit is–old pipes most likely. If you like that TP, it’s all yours!

  3. retepsnave says:

    major plumbing back-ups are never fun, and are often messy smelly jobs. (that’s probably part of way we pay roto rooter so much!)
    even with old pipes, it would take an incredibly lot of TP to fully clog the main sewer line that exits your house – rather there was probably something else additional in there that the TP clung to and together created the blockage, tree roots are often the culprit…
    I’ve always told our tenants not to flush anything besides TP and bodily waste, ergo: no prophylactics, no paper towels and certainly never any feminine hygiene products.
    in my opinion if the main trap in the sump area was cleared by the roto-rooter guy, than any water used by you should be exiting through the sewer pipes, and not into the sump area – so using water should not have prevented/delayed the sump area from drying out.

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