Crap Part II

February 21, 2009

Oye. Where to start? It’s been quiet on the northern Housegirrl front these days because so many other things (like shoveling, running the dog, teaching, etc.) have kind of taken over. Clearly I’ve fallen behind in my regularly scheduled blogging posts and my readers have been complaining. So, Mom, this one’s for you!

As you may recall, I’d been dealing with a backed up house trap and even though I switched to Scott’s TP (hasta luego oh so soft Cottonnelle) and had Apex sewer guy out to snake the line, I was feeling less than confident that the problem was resolved.  So I called the neighborhood sewerline replacmeent Dude (who actually does look a lot like The Dude) and he paid me a consulting visit. We poked, we prodded, we talked, and we admired his photographs of badly clogged lines. And in the end, we decided that the next step prior to full sewerline replacement was to camera my line to see what was what.

And because I’m a girl of action, that’s what I did. Watching the black and white live footage of the camera in my sewerlines was fascinating. It was probably also great preparation and practice for having a colonoscopy someday. Charmant. It turns out that roots are the culprit, but they weren’t so invasive as to require complete replacement. I mean, if I wanted to do the job right, I would put in a new sewer line (and water line while I’m at it).

But c’mon. This is me you’re dealing with. When do I do things the “right” way?

My new best friend is Jason from AA Sewers and Drain. And not just because I love his tag line (“Our business is going down your drain”) but because he’s all about a maintenance plan instead of a whole-hog replacement plan. So, once a year (at least) I’ll give him a call and he’ll come snake my line. The sound you hear is my whoops of joy as I do my happy dance.

Not having to spend $5000 that I didn’t have?


Now I can get back to saving for my 2010 Mexican yoga retreat and splurging on organic avocados. You know, the important things in life.