Spring Lamb

We often don’t know how far we’re willing to go for someone we love. But then one day you find yourself with a dog who has food allergies and the next thing you know, you’re boiling a $27 lamb loin for her supper while you eat rice and beans for yours.

I’m a vegetarian cook for lots of reasons, but the top reason is that I can’t stand to touch raw flesh. So last night I had to grin and bear it as I cleaned the loin and put it in the pot.  After an hour, I pulled it from its vat of fat, let it cool, and sliced it into small chunks for my girl. Interesting how her grass-eating and vomiting seemed to cease while she waited attentively at my feet for her supper. I left the windows open to air out the smell of greasy butchering and looked fondly at her small green bag of California Natural kibble.  The vet has put her on three days of home-cooked lamb and potatoes, then we’ll slowly re-introduce her dry food.

Until then, it’s lamb, baby, lamb.


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