Wear & Tear=Repair

I spent this weekend working on random house projects. One thing led to another, which led to another and so on.

  • Tracked down source of the bad smell (which ended up being rotten food stuck deep inside the Kong) and cleaned out the refrigerator. Tossed old jar of sundried tomatoes, kept expired (but still unopened) bottle of pepperoncini, finally scrubbed away the maple syrup that’s been on that top shelf for, like, ever.
  • Opened windows, broke window; fixed stuck bedroom window (after consultation with neigbor who–though he lifts weights–also couldn’t open stuck window. Used two pieces of 2×4 as levers and..presto!)
  • Re-attached garden hose and turned on the spigot. Which still seems to work, though there is some leakage.
  • Figured out how to load staple gun. Loaded it.
  • Re-stapled bowed and bent chicken wire around the garden. No more Daisy hangout.
  • Set up old picnic bench. Need to paint a nice shade of celadon or apple green.
  • Took out Weber grill. Decided backyard was beginning to look like a yardsale. Stored grill back in garage.
  • Weeded front flower bed. Took chicken bone out of Daisy’s mouth.
  • Made black bean soup and added vegetarian chipotle sausage to it.  Burned mouth.

One Response to Wear & Tear=Repair

  1. Laura says:

    A great spring to-do list, Meg! It reminds me a little of “Martha’s calendar” she includes in Living, though I don’t see you listing any charity luncheons or grand landscaping projects (for your hired help to do)! Congratulations on all that work!

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