Woah. Or woe. But in either case, nothing much has been happening here on my little blog for quite some time. But just in case you think that means nothing much has been happening here at my little house, let me assure you that’s not the case!

First of all, I finished the upstairs bathroom. While I love the whole concept of a houseblog, it does strike me that the more I’m actually doing on the house, the less time I have to write about it. Good to know.

So, yes, bathroom is done (well, okay, there’s still the oddly configured electrical plate that apparently requires a visit now to a special electrical store becasue neither Home Depot nor Lowe’s stocks it, but whatever. Oh, and there’s a wee bit of scraping to do around the shower curtain rod where I inadvertently got gobs of blue paint on the metal.  My father asked me why I didn’t simply take the shower rod down. I stared at him blankly. Who does he think I am?)

But yes, it fulfills my personal sense of completion and it’s a joy to walk into it every morning. After four coats of paint, I did finally get the right color and learned that it’s *always* worth it to change it. Otherwise you’ll regret it every single day, and c’mon, that’s just too much regret to handle when you’re in the loo.



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