Labor Day Love

August 31, 2007

Can I just say–right now–how much I love Labor Day? As a holiday,  it doesn’t tend to rank that high and often gets overlooked.  But right now, it’s my BFF.

Pierre is coming down and I’ve already begun to compile a house list (poor guy).  I’ve reached a point where I feel that the house is pretty good, very liveable, and downright pleasant.  But now it’s time for some detail work and finishing touches.

Take escutcheons, for instance. They’re the little round shields that go around the radiator pipe on the floor. (And who knew there were so many meanings of this word!) Back in June, we took them all off and cleaned them. The intention was to paint them, I think, but as I write this, they’re piled in a corner on the workshop gathering dust.

So, this week-end I’m all about escutcheons, hall ceiling fans, and the delivery of….the NUETON! This is so exciting that it will certainly deserve its own post.

Too many good things all at once! Labor Day and the end of the Lawnman.

Bliss, my friends, pure bliss.


Tonight’s telly tip

August 29, 2007

If you’re home tonight looking for something to watch,  I’ll recomend Crazy Sexy Cancer on The Learning Channel at 9:00.  It’s the new documentary film about cancer survivors by Kris Carr and it looks fabuloso. You can find more details here.

I’ve ordered her book and can’t wait to check it out.  Since I don’t get TLC, I’ve got my dad on recording duty. Plus, it’s past my bedtime.

The Juggle struggle

August 29, 2007

Now that the semester has begun,  I’m going to have to juggle my work (teaching classes, attending meetings, reading student papers) with my house work (painting closets, choosing light fixtures, scraping old-person sticker glue off bottom of tub).  This should be interesting. As I left for work the other day, I stared longingly at my neighbor who was putting in flowers.  All I want to do is stay home and play! I want to say in my paint clothes! I miss my damn bandana!

Alas, mama has to make a living in order to afford the roof (which needs to be painted) that shelters her at night.  My new intention (notice the effect all this Buddhism is having on me) is to leave the worries of work behind me and make my new home my new sanctuary.  Whether it’s dealing with recalcitrant plumbers or crazy colleagues, I’m working on leaving them all behind me. For years my inner monologue has been Voltaire’s reminder: We all must cultivate our own gardens.  Now, for the first time ever, I’m not only taking this to heart, I’m taking this  literally.

I will find peace in my sweet 100s, my overgrown lawn, my big kitchen sink, and maybe even the basement (which is way better now thanks to a dehumidifier). And when the worries of my job and even of the house find me (as they invariably do), I will sink into my sofa and read celebrity tabloids and not feel guilty.

My Own Private CSA

August 24, 2007

It just so happens that one of my colleagues has too much produce! Guess who’s the lucky recipient of this bounty?


Curious Things

August 20, 2007


I’m beginning to discover the many quirky oddities to the house. Take the refrigerator, for example. Instead of being in the kitchen, it’s perched on the basement landing. I’m getting used to it, but it’s not great. Then there’s this thing: creative outlet work. Have you ever seen such a device? Even though it screams inept electrician, I’m beginning to actually admire the inventive pluck of whoever thought to install it. It has, I think, its own kind of understated elegance.

I’m just not sure why one would need it in the hallway.

My House, My Self

August 17, 2007

I’m sitting here with my coffe and my MacBook on a cool morning. So lovely.

Here‘s a nice article about a woman who sees her home(s) as a reflection of her personality. Beautiful? You bet. She has, um, four houses? C’mon!

Perhaps I have a future in real estate renovation….

Then there’s this little piece on Molto Mario and his summer home in…Northern Michigan! I really have to laugh, though, because as any good Yupper knows, the “mitten” is so “downstate.” Ain’t nothing northern about it, Mario. Sorry, buddy.


Big Tasks, small problems

August 16, 2007

Why is that when I am confronted with huge tasks (like planning a course,  writing  a syllabus, preparing to facilitate a professional development workshop), I find myself obsessed with tiny details? And I’m not talking about details pertaining to these huge tasks either. I’m talking about focusing on things like the amount of lint that came off my bath mat just now, the fact that I need to buy more stamps, or thinking about the way the kitchen towel gets folded on the rack.

They say that housework expands to fill the time you alot it, right? Well, clearly the same is true for thinking about house-related issues.  My brain spends far too much time dwelling in the space of ‘what’s-for-dinnner” and “man, it’s-time-to-find-that-dustpan.”  All of this worries me a tad bit because with the semester fast approaching, I need to get my head out of “house” space and into teaching space….fast.